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Outpacing Innovation

A bold headline is the right choice for paradigm shifting, intrepid undertakings that will forever change how data moves from old storage to new.

A little over two and a half years ago, Seven10 set out to completely transform how users, vendors, and application providers consider file and storage migrations. It started with a customer challenge; Move mission critical patient data off of proprietary hardware over to a new storage system without interrupting the patient care process.

We accepted the challenged with the basic premise that the useful life of data is far greater than the useful life of any given storage technology used to store it.

This was a problem that the traditional Profession Service-lead migration industry had not even begun to solve. The typical PS model - for large and small organizations alike - creates massive anxieties in terms of resources, time, and cost. More often than not, PS-based migration "solutions" require substantial man hours and not-so-finely tuned customization efforts.

When Seven10 researched what was out there we were surprised (to say the least) at the lack of innovation in this particular segment of the market. After all, we have been in this industry for a long time and have witnessed firsthand the breakneck pace at which technology evolves. Surely there were smart solutions that were created to keep pace with such rapid advances in storage innovation. However, what we uncovered was akin to slapping perfume on a pig (sincere apologies to any swines offended). Genetically mutated versions of RoboCopy, batch process driven “services” that relied on command line prompts (I kid you not), and people - oodles and oodles of people (with varied experience) working under the guise of $200/hr. “project managers”.

Where was the automation? Where was the vision? Where was the hands-off, we make it so damn easy you can do it yourself innovation? Seemingly all those talented people were busy developing next-generation SaaS, Big Data, IoT, or cloud based offerings, apparently disinterested in the 50B dollar storage refresh market.

So we grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and stepped up to the plate. We welcomed the challenge that our customers lay before us and Seven10's eclectically brilliant engineers began work on turning the migration industry on its head. Our effort's focused on delivering customer-driven migration capabilities that are highly automated, supremely reliable, and ridiculously cost effective. We scrapped the PS-lead migration blue-print and created an entirely new model that was 100% software-driven and simple (see my previous post "The Originals" for our inspiration).

We researched what was important to customers during a migration (don’t lose our data and don’t interrupt us) and came up with a highly sophisticated software product that most certainly is not your daddy’s migration strategy.

Gone are the heartburn induced days when users are being forced to expose their data to dozens of strange eyes in the form of 3rd party Professional Service agents. RIP to the long, drawn-out, manually driven process that almost always resulted in data loss and disappointment. Good riddance to the astronomically high costs involved in a resource intensive, customized effort.

The challenge we had accepted resulted in a customer-friendly migration technology that is the storage industry's first fully automated migration (plus data management) engine of its kind. A product that makes moving from old storage to new technology platforms automated, graceful, and inexpensive.

If content is what drives nearly everything we touch, then consider Seven10 the information caretakers who will outpace innovation to ensure that there is always a silver lining in each be the lifeguard so that you never find yourself drowning in a data lake...the traffic cop directing the great convergence...the shade against global warming's threat to melting matter what the storage, the next great platform, or groundbreaking technology Seven10 will be there by your side, helping your organization evolve.