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Outpacing Innovation

A bold headline is the right choice for paradigm shifting, intrepid undertakings that will forever change how data moves from old storage to new.

A little over two and a half years ago, Seven10 set out to completely transform how users, vendors, and application providers consider file and storage migrations. It started with a customer challenge; Move mission critical patient data off of proprietary hardware over to a new storage system without interrupting the patient care process.

We accepted the challenged with the basic premise that the useful life of data is far greater than the useful life of any given storage technology used to store it.

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Data Migrations: Seven10 and EMC Revolutionize the Industry Paradigm

An assertive headline is essential for a bold undertaking that forever changes how data is moved from old storage to new. A few years ago, Seven10 set out to transform how users, vendors, and application providers consider file and storage migrations. It started with a customer challenge: move critical data off proprietary hardware over to new storage without interrupting the patient care process – and resulted in the Storfirst simple, trusted, data migration platform.

Seven10 searched the industry and was surprised at the lack of innovation. Where was the automation? Where was the vision? Where was the hands-off, ‘we make it so easy you can do it yourself’ innovation? It seemed that some were busy developing next-generation SaaS, Big Data, IoT, or cloud based offerings because they weren’t working on a data migration solution.

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The Originals

I was watching a fascinating 30for30 documentary the other day on one of my least favorite networks (ESPN - the epitome of cookie cutter personalities) about the 1980 Miracle on Ice but told from a different point of view (sound familiar?). This time, instead of perfectly diffused camera shots of former-USA Olympians retelling one of the best underdog stories (sports or otherwise) of our time - the viewers were presented with the Russian perspective. A grainy recount of the events leading up to the Miracle on Ice as told by weathered former Red Army Warriors. If you haven't watched it, find some time - it is well worth an on-demand search.

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"I Monsters"

Great blog by Dave Barrett from Polaris Ventures recently titled "We...". I recommend that you all take a look when you have a second. I would like to take a moment to discuss the same topic from a slightly different point of view - that of the entrepreneur.

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Solving healthcare’s data management conundrum

Making legacy storage obsolescence a thing of the past.

Silos mean separation, and that’s the last thing healthcare organizations need in an era of information-driven, integrated care. Converged storage offers healthcare organizations a more efficient storage architecture that integrates and protects data during migration, while helping to reduce costs and improve care. Implemented correctly, converged storage improves access to information by delivering data quickly from a centralized, hybrid storage environment that mixes platforms and vendors.

Converged storage helps healthcare facilities keep up with the constant innovation happening at the storage layer and promises the end of “information silos” and expensive professional services-led migration efforts.

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