Storfirst Migration: Proven and reliable unstructured data migration software
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Automated data migration software offers a low-touch, transparent approach for moving legacy storage to traditional or hybrid-cloud storage. Storfirst Migration eliminates data loss via a five-step, repeatable and proven data migration process which:

  • Analyzes existing data set to be migrated
  • Inventories legacy file systems
  • Rapidly synchs between target and source
  • Creates full audit of migrated files and directories
  • Generates final verification match prior to storage platform transition


Cost-Effective: Reduces high cost of resource-heavy professional services with low-touch, remote administration.

Transparent: Ensures uninterrupted access to mission-critical content during migration with Seven10’s paradigm-shifting software.

Secure: Proven ZERO data loss migration model greatly reduces exposure and risk by eliminating traditional outside agents (PS teams).

Fast: Optimized methods for data migration through close alignment and collaboration with comprehensive storage provider network.


  • Ensures graceful evolution of any existing file systems (NAS, HSM, EMC Centera, Cloud Gateway, etc.) to any new storage platform-of-choice.
  • Non-disruptively moves unstructured data or file data via SmartSynch™ technology.
  • Guarantees against data loss via SEVEN10’s FIPS Certified Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA)-2.
  • Purpose-built to provide industry’s fastest and most transparent migration away from CUA enabled EMC Centera installations.
  • Automated migration throttling for zero impact on network during high-traffic periods. Provides maximum throughput by running multiple jobs in parallel during off-peak hours.
Storfirst Migration: Proven and reliable unstructured data migration software
Free Demo