The only data archiving product, purpose built to protect your investment in EMC Centera.

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StorFirst Altus is the industry’s only direct-to-tape disaster recovery solution purpose built to protect your EMC Centera. And, it was built with the knowledge and help of EMC engineers so you know it’s as solid as the product it protects. When Centera needs back-up, Altus is there.


  • Built-in support for a range of devices from leading Tape and VTL vendors (Oracle StorageTek, IBM, Quantum, HP, Data Domain, FalconStor, SEPATON, etc.).
  • Replication options include both full and incremental job to reduce redundancy.
  • Replicate Centera data directly to removable media to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Restore data on–demand or pre-scheduled to reduce administrative intensity and cost.
  • Customer installable solution replicates data in native C-Clip format.


  • Cost-Effectve: Disaster recovery at over 80% less than other options, with the ability to have a single Altus install protect entire Centera Farms.
  • Flexible: Supports the widest range of tape and VTL devices, including shared libraries and protocols so you can configure for your needs.
  • Regulatory Compliant: Replicating data directly to removable media eliminates data loss concerns and ensures regulatory compliance for Hippa, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.
  • One-of-a-Kind: The only compliant tape based back-up solution for Centera. Period.