Automated data migration and management for hybrid cloud environments

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Storfirst Gateway (formerly EAS)  is the first cloud integrated file system designed to help your business evolve by managing migrations from legacy storage while also providing native CIFS or NFS support of your new storage platforms. Storfirst is the original enterprise cloud storage gateway and it is the first software designed to provide a seamless transition to a modern cloud-as-a-tier storage infrastructure.


  • Storfirst Gateway’s cloud integrated file system supports all major cloud storage providers as well as existing on-premise storage including; NAS, object, REST, CAS,and Tape/VTL.
  • Storfirst presents unified storage as CIFS and/or NFS, establishing a standard communication path between applications and storage.
  • Automated data archiving and access across local storage and cloud storage.
  • Highly available with built-in replication intelligence that provides immediate access regardless of storage type or location.
  • Advanced security with immutability, file locking, encryption, retention and Active Directory Support.
  • SmartSynch technology provides easy data moves from legacy storage to new storage platforms.
  • Now Natively Integrated with HP OpenStack Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure.


  • Adaptable: Widest range of support for local and cloud storage platforms that delivers unmatched flexibility as your storage requirements evolve over time.
  • Scalable: Storfirst Gateway compliant file offers Exabyte-level growth with support for billions of files and directories.
  • Accessible: Improve access performance to the cloud with Storfirst’s support of a local cache or Tier 1 storage that ensures critical data is immediate available.
  • Secure: Self protecting architecture includes encryption, file locking, retention and lifespan policies to ensure data preservation and long-term compliance.
  • Migration: Eliminate costly professional services and rip-and-replace upgrade efforts with software-driven features that seamlessly moves data from old storage technology to new.